Tuesday, October 4

Sensory Room

A sensory room will be open to explore from October 3 –7 and November 14 – 18. Developed from a Student Senate proposal, the sensory room is a place for...

Pathology and Microbiology & IPID Graduate Student Research Seminar

Natalie Sturd, PhD Candidate MD/PhD Scholars Program Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth Rucks "Characterizing LRRF1 and Flightless 1 Localization to the Chlamydial...

Nebraska Outcomes Research Meeting

Nebraska Outcomes Research Laboratory Weekly Meeting

Munroe-Meyer Institute: An Overview of Services and How to Access Them with Dr. Amy Nordness

Are you curious about the clinical services available at the Munroe-Meyer Institute? Do you know how to access them? Join us for this lunch-hour virtual...

Virtual Event

Tuesday, October 4