Wednesday, April 28

Pathology and Microbiology Basic Science Seminar Series

Alice Prince, Ph.D. Professor of Pediatrics in Pharmacology, Columbia University, New York, NY . “Metabolic...

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De-Stress Week: Campus Walk

Join Fitness Specialist, Peter Pellerito for a guided 1-mile socially distanced campus walk. A sack lunch to-go will be provided to the first 20 participants...

Dr. David Warren

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation: Potential Treatment of Cognitive Deficits in Neurodegenerative Disorders Presenter: David E. Warren, PhD, Assistant...

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Ob/Gyn Grand Rounds

Current Status of Menopausal Interventions: Hormonal and Non-hormonal Options Presenter: Dr. Kassondra Frith, HO2 Objectives: 1. ...

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RESCHEDULED: The Minority Tax Phenomenon

This event was rescheduled to April 28 from April 14. Ashlei Spivey will speak about the "minoritytax" - the burden of extra responsibilities placed on...

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Wednesday, April 28