Thursday, November 12

N95 fit testing

Due to reduced availability of the 1870+ model of N95 respirators, colleagues who are only fitted to use that model should sign up for an upcoming fit...

Eppley Seminar Series

"Mutators, Antimutators and Cancer Risk" - Bradley Preston, Professor, Eppley Institute

Virtual Event
Path to Success: Navigating Promotion and Tenure at UNMC

Join us on November 12 from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM and we’ll answer your questions and help you navigate the road to promotion and tenure at UNMC. This session...

Virtual Event
Dr. McLaughlin

New DMTs 4 NMO: a Mouthful of Alphabet Soup Presenter: Mac McLaughlin, MD, Assistant Professor, UNMC, Department of Neurological Sciences Following the...

Virtual Event

Thursday, November 12