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The Mission of the College of Public Health is to promote optimal health and well-being through robust education, research, and service in collaboration with communities in Nebraska, across the country, and around the world.

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Celebrate Women's History Month- "Making Moves: How to Enjoy a Healthy Fit"

Lecture and Live Demos : Dr. Danae Dinkel, Maria Farmer Peak, Emily Mwaja, and Deb Welk

3/21 12:30pm
10th Annual Richard B. Davis, M.D., Ph.D. History of Medicine Lecture

Sponsored by the McGoogan Library of Medicine We Have Done Just as Well as Could Be Done: Health Care Practitioners and the Influenza Pandemic of...

4/10 12pm

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Walter Hamilton

Walter Hamilton left a positive review 3/27/2017

Provided valuable information and contacts for me.

Martha Goedert

Martha Goedert left a positive review 10/6/2016

Four students who received the Summer Global Health fellowship presented their research and experiences from work on the island of Java, from Chile and India. The grand rounds showed the ability of this fellowship to use population health, in an interdisciplinary and pro-active approach to impact for 'good' global populations. The speakers covered topics on air quality, water quality, agricultural practices with pesticides, and use of protective gear with chemical applications. Students from across campus attended, waiting for the next cycle of fellowships to open in the near future. The funders of the fellowship were also recognized by the college and the Center for Global Health and Development. It was a proud day of stellar presentations.

Hongxia Chen

Hongxia Chen left a positive review 10/14/2015

I like it.

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