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Mary Akers

Mary Akers left a positive review 6/2/2015

I think this plan has been incredibly thought out to meet just about any "unforeseen" scenario for employees. Hats off to the group who put this together. Understanding that working in a higher education environment with a hospital no less, parking will be an issue and walking inevitable. There will be some not happy with paying for parking no matter what you offer. The urban setting on campus mirrors city limitations. At least it is only $25 to $40 a month and not twice that going to an outside property owner. One thing I might suggest is using a year long free parking stall in a raffle for United Way drawing this coming fall, maybe even more than one. It sounds like paying for parking is such an issue this could be a good a fundraiser....

Ulf Martens

Ulf Martens left a positive review 6/2/2015

Thanks Very informative and a great Project that is very impressive for me, not being american. It shows how much you accually care and try to make a difference, an that is something not everyone knows about american society!