Michael F. Sorrell Center

The Michael F. Sorrell Center for Health Science Education serves as the gateway to the UNMC campus and home to the UNMC College of Medicine.

This new college of medicine facility brings together educational components, student support services and faculty offices into one building.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, this facility will enhance the educational experience for UNMC students today, and for generations to come. UNMC will continue to graduate the very best health professionals who will serve Nebraska and beyond.

649 S 42nd St Omaha, NE

Upcoming Events

Durham Noon Presentation

Omaha has always been a beer town. The city’s rich brewing traditions started in 1858 when Nebraska’s first brewer, Fredrick Krug, settled in our riverfront...

1/24 12pm
Ob/Gyn Grand Rounds

Management of First Trimester Loss Presenter: Dr. Melissa Deer, HOIII Objectives: 1. Define first trimester loss 2. ...

1/25 1pm
Grant Writing Bootcamp

Jennifer Larsen, M.D., Vice Chancellor for Research, will lead a Grant Writing “Bootcamp.” New and early-stage investigators are encouraged to register...

1/27 9am
LGBT+ Faculty Mentoring, 'Education and Sharing Series'

The LGBT+ Education and Sharing Series is open to everyone at UNMC and Nebraska Medicine. This month's presentation will be delivered by Dr. Joan Daughton...

1/27 12pm
LGBT+ Faculty Mentoring, Education and Sharing Series

Dr. Joan Daughton from Children's Hospital and Medical Center of Omaha will facilitate a discussion related to LGBTQ Youth Mental Health. This event is open...

1/27 12pm

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Teresa Hartman

Teresa Hartman left a positive review 11/30/2016

The meeting was a good one. We learned about Classroom Assessment Tools, and had hands-on experience with PollEverywhere. We also talked about the outcomes that members want ETC to have by July 2017.

Gary Beck

Gary Beck left a positive review 10/12/2016

Excellent presentation with useful pearls of wisdom from Dr. Buehler and the panelists.

Susan Evans

Susan Evans left a positive review 9/14/2016

I was only able to be there for the first hour but I thought the information on the different generations was interesting.

Salma Elhag

Salma Elhag left a positive review 8/15/2016

it was really great and very informative , I would recommend it for employees who works with research in general and clinical trials in specific

Chin-Lo Hahn

Chin-Lo Hahn left a positive review 8/22/2016

I really enjoyed the panel discussion which is very inspiring for me. I appreciate the staff from HR and Faculty Development taking the initiative to talk to me.

Abbey Fingeret

Abbey Fingeret left a positive review 8/22/2016

This was an extremely helpful forum for me as a new faculty member to get to know the leadership and learn more about opportunities for professional growth.

Jo Anne Genua

Jo Anne Genua left a positive review 8/22/2016

It was great! and surpassed my expectations. It was interesting to hear about their background ... it reiterated that they personable and easy to approach. Thank you for this opportunity!

Justin Cramer

Justin Cramer left a positive review 8/22/2016

Great job! Very useful.

Tessa Wells

Tessa Wells left a review 8/22/2016

The first 20 minutes there was no content on the video link (just looking at name tags on a table) and then my internet connection crashed and I was unable to re-connect until late afternoon. I will be checking out the recording!

Wayne Mathews

Wayne Mathews left a positive review 8/22/2016

Very helpful with personal stories and useful info.