Durham Research Center

The DRC is 289,000 square feet, has 10 levels, 117 research laboratories, a 319-seat auditorium, 3 classrooms and 15 conference/seminar rooms. This research tower employs 350 staff members, including 80 principal investigators, who bring in a combined $ 101.8 million in research funding. and will enable UNMC to enhance its research in a number of areas, including cancer, cardiovascular diseases, neurosciences, transplantation biology, genetics, and eye research.

Durham Research Center 1, S 45th St, Omaha, NE



Upcoming Events

Genetics, Cell Biology and Anatomy 2019-2020 Seminars

Sowmya V. Yelamanchili, PhD, to present "Role of exracellular vesicles in methamphetamine mediated neurotoxicity." Dr. Yelamanchili is an Assistant...

1/29 3pm
Physiology Forum

"Pulmonary Function and Cardiovascular Fitness after Spinal Cord Injury" presented by Daniela Terson De Paleville, Ph.D., Department of Health and Sport...

1/31 11am
Physiology Forum

"The Contribution of Neutrophils in Bone Metastatic Prostate Cancer" presented by Leah M. Cook Ph.D., Department of Pathology and Microbiology, College of...

2/7 11am
Distinguished Scientists Award Ceremony

On March 3, Susan Swindells, M.B.B.S., professor of internal medicine-infectious diseases, will be formally recognized as the 14th UNMC Scientist...

3/3 4pm
Pathology and Microbiology & IPID Graduate Student Research Seminar

Joel Frandsen, Ph.D. Graduate Student Advisor: Dr. Prabagaran Narayanasamy

11/21 9am

Recent Events

Physiology Forum


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Sheryl Latenser

Sheryl Latenser left a positive review 1/13/2020

This was awesome. I hope she comes again.

Laxmidhar Das

Laxmidhar Das left a positive review 10/9/2019

It was great for me.

Upendra Chalise

Upendra Chalise left a positive review 10/25/2018

This was amazing. The one hour and some time was totally worth it. I loved the way presenter talked about her experience. She gave a powerful talk. This was the best talk I heard in UNMC from the start of this semester.

Sherman Petite

Sherman Petite left a positive review 4/24/2018

It was great to hear all the hard work Kasturi has put in, has paid off and sounds like she has a great future ahead of her.

Paula Turpen

Paula Turpen left a positive review 10/30/2017

Mary Wooley presented easy-to-use ideas for engaging the public in talking about the value of research. She also provided some useful metrics for benchmarking the state of Nebraska in research activity.

Andrew J. Neville

Andrew Neville left a positive review 8/29/2017

The quality of the results figures was striking! Good job!

Opeoluwa Oyewole

Opeoluwa Oyewole left a positive review 8/3/2017

Appolinaire's defense was an enlightening event. He presented his work succinctly and explained the concepts adequately.

Darcy Jackson

Darcy Jackson posted a photo 5/18/2017

Connie Winters

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Darcy Jackson

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Flyer for Dr. Chen's seminar Flyer for Dr. Chen's seminar