Friday, April 19

McGoogan Library books

You are invited to the Interprofessional Academy of Educators’ inaugural Education Scholarship Connection (ESC) event. The in-person event is scheduled for...


This is a FREE online course for anyone interested to learn the basics in Bioinformatics. This self-paced course has seven modules, each covering a different...

Virtual Event
Dr. Greta Sokoloff, University of Iowa

"Sleep and twitches in the premature infant and what they tell us about the brain "waking up" early" presented by Dr. Greta Sokoloff, Research Scientist in...

Department of Anesthesiology - CCA Lecture

CCA Lecture with Joseph Pawlowski, MD (Antimicrobial Selection & Resistance)

Navigating New Frontiers in Type 1 Diabetes: The Teplizumab Trial and Beyond

Internal Medicine Grand rounds Presents Justin Gregory, MD, MSci

Grey Matters: Brain and Spine Cancer Symposium

This symposium is designed to update the target audience on the current multi-disciplinary approach to patients with newly diagnosed or recurrent gliomas....

Evie Ehrhorn

Fluorescence-Guided Surgery in Pancreatic Cancer Advisor: Aaron Mohs, PhD

Swathi Priyanka Murakonda, BMB Master's Student

Unraveling the role of GJB3 in lung adenocarcinoma

Connor Phipps - Final Oral Examination

Assessing the effects of targeted, multiday rTMS on cognition, resting-state functional connectivity, and connectomic measures on individuals with amnestic...

Friday, April 19