Monday, February 19

Lewy Body Dementia Support & Wellness Group

For patients, families and care partners. This group meets every third Monday of the month at the Heartland Neurological Therapy and Wellness Center.


This is a FREE online course for anyone interested to learn the basics in Bioinformatics. This self-paced course has seven modules, each covering a different...

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Nashanthea Roland, BMB 4th Year Student

The Role of ApoE Genetic Risk in Traumatic Brain Injury and Alzheimer's Disease

Prepare Posters in Minutes (RITO BioRender Training Series)

UNMC Researchers -- join representitives from BioRender to learn about using this platform to improve your scientific figures and visuals by attending...

Virtual Event
Department of Anesthesiology - FERC: LVAD pre-CPB Assessment

FERC with Tara Brakke, MD (LVAD pre-CPB Assessment) with Keyword presented by Eric Sweeney, MD

Difficult People Made Easy

Handling difficult people can be an arduous task, especially when it can impact your personal well-being and team dynamics. This workshop will explore...

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Monday, February 19