Tuesday, January 21

Pathology and Microbiology & IPID Graduate Student Research Seminar

Kathryn Cole, Ph.D. Graduate Student Advisor: Dr. James Talmadge "Phenotypic Comparison of T-Cells in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma Patient Spleen and...

CoBRE Journal Club

Mutation of SLC7A14 Causes Syndromic Hearing Loss, presented by Kim Giffen, Creighton University

Health, Happiness & Harmony: The Holistic Essentiality of Hobbies

What activities constitute a hobby? How do hobbies contribute to our physical, mental, emotional, and social health? At this Olson Center Brown Bag, Jerry V....

stick people holding hands, one using a wheelchair.

Registration is open to individuals with a developmental disability ages 10 - 21. Please note, this program does not support individuals with behavioral...

Tuesday, January 21